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The Olive of Panagia

by | May 31, 2024 | Property & Facilities | 0 comments

The gardens of Kaizer Agrotourism are dominated by the emblematic Panagia Olive Tree, the largest ever olive tree of Amargeti village. Today, only one part of it is preserved, but enough to realize the centuries it has lived through and the incredible size it had reached.
It was called Elia tis Panagia because it was the property of the Church of Zoodochos Pigi, at a time when olives and carob trees had independent property titles, as well as in several cases different owners from the owners of the land where they were located. It was the time when these trees had their own so-called “stems”.
There are many stories related to Elia of the family that has owned this blessed land for generations, but also of old people of the village who rented it every year from the church authority itself for its rich harvest.
Today, it stands enigmatic, mysterious and dazzling in the premises of Kaizer Agrotourism, evoking pleasant feelings in residents and visitors. As a mysterious humanoid age-old being that carries age-old secrets, it especially touches people with special cognitive abilities, such as synesthesia.
(Synaesthesia is a rare neurological condition that allows people incredible abilities, such as perceiving their senses in a unique and impressive way. In this condition, the senses are linked together, allowing the brain to make new connections and perceptions. In the cases of people who have developed unreal powers, they have a developed out-of-body sense and can perceive and recognize forms, persons and objects in a metaphysical dimension.)

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