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Routhounia Gorge

by | Jun 6, 2023 | POINTS OF INTEREST | 0 comments

A well-hidden canyon is revealed in Amargeti and causes a pleasant surprise with its natural beauties!! Small caves, stalactites, rocks and rock formations, trees growing out of solid rocks, all part of a pristine ecosystem that belongs to the Routhounia Gorge. Its recent partial unveiling took place in collaboration with the Amargetis Expatriates & Residents Association and the Community Council, surprising nature lovers with its hitherto unknown beauties. Its passage is made with great sensitivity to the habitat, such that it is characterized as difficult to a significant extent, but also achievable for demanding tourists. The now accessible part of the gorge starts from the bridge of Routhounia and ends at “Ruthounia” itself, from which the entire area got its name. It is a rocky part on the northwest side of the gorge, from which water flows through two holes during the rainy season. The canyon unfolds to a length that most of it still remains impassable, but if you observe it from the air it is even more impressive!! A great expectation is to make the entire gorge accessible, which starts in the east of the medieval bridge of Routhounia and reaches up to the second, secretly buried today, the bridge of Katino, of the same era.

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