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Round trip from Kaizer Agrotourism to the highest point of Paphos!! Snowfall on Vouni in Panayia

by | Feb 7, 2023 | UNIQUE EXPERIENCES | 0 comments

Unique, authentic, but also a crazy experience that involves risk, to wake up early in the wild deep winter at Kaizer Agrotourism, to enjoy the sunrise on the snowy plateau of Prophet Ilias!! The small church is located on Vouni in Panagia, at an altitude of 1,144 meters above sea level. The fifteen-minute journey is made by car with four-wheel drive and follows the circular path between the snow-covered vineyards and the impressive rock formations. The only traces of life you can see in the white snow are the tracks of hares. It is no wonder that wildlife takes refuge in a rich local flora with over 650 species of trees, shrubs and plants, 55 of which are rare and endangered species. Vouni tis Panagia is one of the richest areas in biodiversity. 112 species of birds are observed, of which 28 are protected. The uniqueness of the landscape rightfully included it in the list of protected areas of the Natura 2000 network as a Special Protection Zone and as an area of interest for nature conservation.

Pilgrimage to the Prophet Elias who always has an open door for the pilgrim. Coming out of the sacred area of the chapel, that’s where you exclaim, seeing the sun rise with incredible beauty and brilliance!! And while the fog leaves, you admire the view with the snow-capped Troodos mountain range, you can see the throne of Kykkos, the forest of Paphos, the village of Panagia in a plan view and the beautiful dam of Kanavius. On warmer days, the eye can gaze insatiably up to the peninsula of Akamas with the gulf in the area of Polis Chrysochous. Back to Kaizer Agrotourism for the delicious morning coffee of a day you have already got a lot of energy!!

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