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Points Of Interest in Amargeti

by | May 1, 2021 | POINTS OF INTEREST | 0 comments

About Amargeti

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Points Of Interest for Amargeti

Amargeti is justifiably one of the most beautiful villages in Cyprus. The settlement, but much more its fascinating natural environment, always has something to discover, even if you are a local. It is located 23 Km East of the city of Paphos and occupies a large area of ​​land 15,091 km², which starts from the valley of the river Xeros and stops in the river valley of Ezousa, in the tributary of Lihoudi. The village is spread on gentle hillsides as a jewel of the viticultural map of Paphos, with an altitude of up to 400 meters.
It is charming that both the village with its people, but also the inspiring landscape that surrounds it, retains its authenticity. Αdding To the whole picturesque setting are the neighboring villages: Eledio, Axylou, Agia Marina Kelokedaron, Pentalia, Houlou, Lemonas, and at a higher altitude Statos-Agios Fotios and Panagia.

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Church of Zoodochos Pigi

It was built at the end of the 19th century, between the years 1888 – 1890, on the foundations of an older church. After a strong earthquake in 1953, part of the church was destroyed. In 1956 the church was rebuilt and expanded.
The church of Zoodochou Pigi is of Byzantine style and ends in a polygonal arch on the outside and a semicircular inside. The imposing wood-carved iconostasis that adorns the interior of the church was made in 1908. The old icon of the Most Holy Theotokos is considered of great cultural and religious importance. It celebrates every Friday after Orthodox Easter.

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Church and Cave of Agios Georgios

Near the chapel of Agios Georgios which is built east of the village, on the road that leads to Agia Marina Kelokedaron, is located in an inaccessible place and at a distance of about fifty meters from the church, a cave where in the past years frescoes of Agios Georgios were noted.

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Folklore Museum

It is located west of the village, opposite the Church of Zoodochos Pigi and is housed in the restored Turkish Cypriot school. The Museum exhibits tools of many traditional professions, such as the shoemaker, the horseshoe maker, the blacksmith, the beekeeper, the saddle maker, the barber, the shepherd, the farmer and the weaver. Also on display are the equipment of a traditional house, such as kitchen utensils and the old metal bed.

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Photography Exhibition Area

The Photography Exhibition is located near the Folklore Museum. In this area are exhibited old black and white photos with the inhabitants of Amargeti. The photos are extremely interesting in terms of people’s daily life and activities, their manners and customs, their clothing, etc.

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“Apollonas Mellanthios” Research and Studies Center

The antiquities that have been discovered in Amargetis are especially famous for the sculptures and inscriptions from the bases of statues, both in the Hellenistic and Roman eras. According to the “inscriptions-tributes” there was a temple dedicated to the god Apollo Melanthios. Important finds are today, among others, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, in the Archaeological Museums of Paphos and Nicosia. A team of archaeologists from the University of Graz in Austria officially began excavations for the sanctuary of Apollo Melanthi in Amargeti, in October 2019.

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Routhounia Bridge & Katinous Bridge

The “bridge of Routhounia can certainly be considered one of the most beautiful sights of the village. It was built during the Frankish period on the southwest side of the community, at the site “Zimbounieris”, connecting the neighboring Eledio with Amargeti. At the same time, the bridge of Katinous is of the same era. Dense, tall vegetation, today, surrounds the bridge and does not easily distinguish it.
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It is a paved plain that has a well with water, where in the old days the knights watered their horses and the villagers washed their clothes.

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Village Square

The village has its picturesqueness with the main square and the cafes, the small narrow streets and the stone houses in the core of the village. Amargeti square is something special, something you do not find in many villages. It is the meeting place of locals and expatriates, but also a relaxing, refreshing stop for every visitor.

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Adult Center

It has been operating since 2002, offering excellent services on a peripheral basis through programs offered by the Social Services of the Welfare Office, mainly to the elderly and the needy in the community of Amargetis and the surrounding villages of Eledio, Axylou, Pentalia and Agia Marina Kelokedaron. Elderly and other people receive food at very low prices, either at the Center or at home, six days a week, morning and noon.
At the same time, the elderly are active and entertained through various programs of the training programs of the Ministry of Education and the AGO, such as Music Crafts and Gymnastics. Excursions and visits to various places and places, lectures with doctors and other specialists on various topics of general interest are organized. The Center provides services to the elderly in doctor visits, collection and administration of medicines to people with dementia.
It is housed in a renovated community building with all the necessary structures, such as kitchen, dining room, living room, doctor’s office, pharmacy and toilets for staff, residents and the disabled.

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Amargetis Forest 

In the forest of Amargeti there are plenty of birds that make the area sought after during the hunting season. It is a virgin forest with forest trees and a variety of endemic flora with shrubs, herbs and flowers.
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Chouliatis trail

The nature path “Chouliatis” is a circular path that starts from the central square of the community. It has a total length of 5,200 meters and the duration of the hike is estimated at two and a half to three hours, while along the path there are several benches for hikers to rest. A large part of the route is along a stream, which ends in Xeropotamos, with a special reference point the gorge.

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Tall, steep, rocky, white cliff surrounded by dense forest vegetation. A really impressive element of nature !! In earlier years the vulture oyster found its refuge there.

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Wildlife Observatory – View Location

The wildlife observatory provides a magnificent view of all parts of the horizon, from the sea of Paphos to the villages of Xeropotamos to Troodos, the forest of Paphos and the villages of the valley of Ezusa and Akamas.

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