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Path to Koukko

by | Apr 11, 2024 | UNIQUE EXPERIENCES | 0 comments

The tour to “Koukko” is one of the most beautiful paths you follow in Amargeti and combines a circular and a linear route. It can take about 2 hours with a leisurely walk, but because there are no difficult uphills and downhills, it is characterized as a considerably easier route compared to others in the area of the village.
Starting from the John&Mavis Lending Library in the village square, a circular route to the southeast is followed in the first phase, which on the map looks like doing a half horseshoe. It is a route that offers a view of the south and west side of the village and its outdoor area. You continue the linear path towards Kukko with a view of the Amargeti forest, until you reach the point where you now see the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful valley of Xeropotamos. You return back to take the rest of the circular route to the village, passing by the Baths of Rigaina.
A changing image mosaic keeps the interest undiminished all the way through. Grain fields, beautiful vineyards, young olive groves and centuries-old olives, old almond trees, carobs, wild flowers and Cypriot orchids, herbs, forest trees and other plants, stone structures, incredible natural cobbled paths and local marble, crystalline rocks with the name ” glairotsoi”*, make up the rich natural scenery that the traveler constantly discovers in front of him.

*Selenite plaster (transparent plaster or otherwise “glossy”!
Deposits of gypsum and halite (mineral salt) up to 2 kilometers thick have been discovered beneath the deepest parts of the Mediterranean sea floor. These deposits are also called evaporites, because their formation is related to the evaporation of seawater. The age of these evaporites is Messinian, i.e. Upper Miocene (6 million years) and represents a very important event in the geological evolution of the Mediterranean region, known as the Messinian Salinity Crisis. The evaporation was greater than the inflow of water from rivers into the Mediterranean resulting in the drop of the sea level more than 1000 meters below that of the Atlantic Ocean and the creation of extensive salt flats, in which deposits of gypsum and mineral salt were deposited!

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