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Kaizer Agrotourism Library

by | Dec 29, 2023 | Mavis & John Library | 0 comments

A Lilliputian Library in the heart of the village.

The Kaizer Agrotourism Library officially opens its doors on January 4, 2024, Thursday. It operates completely free of charge every Wednesday evening as a lending service, but also maintains the flexibility of arranging a personal meeting with its bibliophile visitors. It is housed in a cozy, stone-built, small room in the picturesque square of the village. All residents of the complex of 10 communities, which belong to the central mountainous arm of the province of Paphos, “Ampelochoria” as their base, have the right to borrow.

The Library building is named John & Mavis Library, in honor of the first English Residents of Amargeti. Mavis and John came to the village in 1988, where they fell in love with it and its inhabitants, perhaps more than anyone else. They have been active residents for 33 years, participating in the actions of the community and the Association of Expatriates, supporting local producers and entrepreneurs. On their daily walks in the village, they found all the doors open for a hospitable treat from the households, while they made a great effort to speak Greek with the locals. Mavis loved the sweets made by the village housewives, while John enjoyed his coffee in the cafes with the villagers. They knew and cared about everyone in the village. They celebrated their 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries by throwing big parties in the square, rich in food, drink and music, with all the resident guests. Today, they now live permanently in England, but their heart, like that of many emigrants, beats in their beloved village. Sweet Mavis was an educator in her younger years, a lifelong bibliophile herself, while today John @ Mavis Library’s English collection is enriched with her own books.

Philologist Panagiota Kaiser is responsible for the operation of the Lending Library. Tel. Ext. 99660539

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