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Easter Events

by | Apr 29, 2021 | EVENTS | 0 comments

Easter, as the greatest holiday of Greek Orthodox Christianity, symbolizing the victory of life over death, is brilliantly celebrated in Amargeti. The Week of the Passion is followed by the Resurrection message, with the glorious celebrations finding residents and expatriates in the square, after the family Easter lunch. Many generations have experienced and connected their childhood with games in the village square. The Association of Expatriates & Residents of Amargeti had taken care for many years to keep this intangible heritage of the community alive and not to follow the declining course of the population, which unfortunately no government has seriously tried to prevent. They organise a rich program for children and adults with Puppet Races, Egg Races, Music Chairs, Rope with boys-girls, Kattomougia, Dijimin, Ziziros, Dog – Bone, Rope: married – free, Scarf etc. The Community Council contributes with Flaunes and wine. The Coronavirus Pandemic hit these events too, but the hope and promise to return remains!! The photos are reminiscent of the years before the Coronavirus period.

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