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Amargeti has prospects for development.

by | Jul 24, 2023 | THOUGHTS - SUGGESTIONS | 0 comments

Amargeti has development prospects.

Part A: Renovation and reopening of a Primary School building with a new dynamic role.

The ruined building, which housed the Primary School until the 1990s, is of classical architecture that characterizes the primary schools of the Greek Cypriot community, built in the first decades of the 20th century.

In 2017, the Association of Immigrants & Residents of Amargeti proposed the renovation and operation of the now-abandoned Primary School as the “Apollon Melanthios Study & Research Center”. In the same year, the Community Council under the chairmanship of Androulas Dimitriou requested to YPPAN (legal owner) that it be granted for this purpose, as it was achieved. Since then, the matter is with the District Administration to proceed with its renovation, based on the suggestions given by the community.

With the proposed interior and exterior design plans, the former Elementary School can take on a dynamic new role that will benefit both the community and the wider area. Firstly, copies or photographs of findings from the sanctuary of Apollo Melanthios, which are currently in Cypriot museums, but also in foreign museums, can be exhibited in the space on a permanent basis. The exhibits will also be able to be placed as decorative reference elements, so that the space remains functional for various other uses.

Historically, in the part of archaeology, we meet in the 19th century British archaeologists looking for the sanctuary of Apollo Melanthios. Also known to the older people was the uncontrolled antiquities that were carried out, even by locals. It is also known that in recent years Austrian archaeologists from the University of Graz, headed by Dr. Gabriele Koiner, together with Austrian geophysicists have been conducting research in Amargeti, in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities and TEPAK. Current investigations aim at the systematic and interdisciplinary investigation of the archaeological remains in Amargeti by documenting surface finds, detection and analysis of subsurface structures with geophysical methods and remote sensing. In the first phase, the research focuses on a general overview of the cultural landscape of Amargeti. Going forward, the aim of the project is to highlight the cultural heritage of the community. Therefore, cooperation with them would be both useful and necessary.

At the same time, within its broader cultural character, it can also function again as an educational space, with seminars, lectures, presentations, etc. For this purpose, the Community will list the space with possibly a small rent, in order to cover the costs of its use. The community will be projected with a developed cultural culture and the space will come back to life, in a neat way, without adventurism.

In addition, with the proposed design of the outdoor space, the possibility is given for large enclosed events, with entrances that will be controlled, such as e.g. an inter-community festival.

Along with the interior configuration of the spaces, the excellent configuration of the gardens is also important. The gardens would add color and could pleasantly complement the short walks around the village.

The former Primary School, which today looks at us through its silent solitude, awaits its restart as a reference center!!

 YIota Kaiser, 

Philologist, President of the Association & Residents of Amargeti

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