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Vineyards with French finesse in Amargeti.

by | Mar 6, 2021 | TOURS | 0 comments

With the village traditionally belonging to the famous vineyards of the island, the wine challenge to discover it through the wine routes is even more tempting. The visitor is comfortably impressed by the modern vineyards, which he meets in this area of ​​eastern Paphos, and which have nothing to envy in any of the French vineyards. Through the technique of supporting wine grape varieties in a linear “cord” type shaping system, with the use of metal stakes, the eye insatiably admires the juicy grapes hanging in the bunches every harvest season. The revival, observed in Amargeti in recent years, of growing new wine white and red grape varieties, is an excellent example of the fact that we now have competing wines that claim their place on the wine map of the European and world market. It is also noteworthy that local wineries are awarded for their fine wines. The photos are from the model modern vineyard of George Kaiser.


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